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Explainer & AI videos

Explainer videos and knowledge clips can be created in different styles (video, animation, AI etc...). As a dedicated project manager I take the reins of the entire production process, ensuring a seamless journey from script writing to collaborating with subject matter experts and overseeing the recording & editing phases while cooperating with reputable video agencies and talented freelance cameramen.


Innovation meets convenience with my latest exploration into AI-generated videos. This rapidly evolving technology is particularly beneficial for those who find themselves camera-shy or pressed for time to record and update videos regularly. (Watch video)

Video filming

LMS coordination & optimization

Navigating the world of Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be complex. Whether you've recently implemented an LMS, are in search of the perfect fit for your organization, or find yourself in the midst of the challenging task of migrating data from an old to a new system, I'm here to lend a helping hand.  

With a wealth of experience in LMS coordination and optimization, I bring a results-oriented approach to address the specific needs of your organization. From troubleshooting technical challenges to enhancing functionality, usability, and data relevance.


Microlearning & E-learning

In the realm of training activities, online learning has become integral, offering a diverse range from self-study e-learning modules to blended learning sessions, MOOCs, and microlearning for efficient performance support.

There are tons of apps & online tools supporting learning activities in all kinds of ways. AI has opened the door for an easier and visually more  attractive course design. 

I thrive on experimentation, constantly integrating new tools to craft enjoyable and easily adaptable learning experiences for users. 

Image by Marten Bjork

Course design 

Irrespective of your organization's training approach the crux lies in the art of course design. It's not just about delivering information; it's about crafting an experience that defies Hermann Ebbinghaus's theory that 70% of new information dissipates within 24 hours.

Creating compelling content is a craft that centers on learners, integrating sound adult learning theories with a keen eye on business adaptability. Through bite-sized objectives we instill a sense of accomplishment in learners. Incorporating engaging elements like quizzes, simulations, scenarios, and multimedia tools drives customer engagement and conversion, making the learning journey both enriching and effective.

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